Logic: Not Found

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Hosted by: MJ Dolar or Isabel Steuer


Introducing Capilano Radio’s very own game show! Contestants try to wade their way through various mini-games that will test their discernment skills – and their ability to weed out BS!

Ep. 1-01: The Etymology Enthusiast’s Entomology Endeavour

Hosted by: MJ Dolar

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In the inaugural episode of Logic: Not Found, psychology students Clarke Khole and Jaidyn Koenig share quirky banter and deal with housewife drama, whale moans, and the 1904 Olympics!


Music used in this episode:
Ballpark by Francis Henson
Mozart’s Sonata, KV 545, 1st Movement from Museopen.com

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Francis Henson’s album, “Roots”:

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