Join host Alex Ahmed as he interviews diverse personalities that are part of the fabric of Capilano U. This project is in association with the Capilano IT department, as part of the IT Tech Café. This series was taped live from Capfest on September 22nd, 2018.

Steve Gallagher is the director of IT services at Capilano. He was once a student at Cap, and has witnessed the growth of the IT department throughout his career.


Brent Calvert is the president of the Capilano Faculty Association. Brent tells us about some of the initiatives the association is working on, as the modern age of tech continues to unfold.


Maclayne Simone is the president of the Capilano Vegan Club. They recently hosted the annual Veg Fest. Listen as Maclayne explains her vision of the future of nutrition at Capilano.