Always Wrong


Hosted By: Kayla Ramiro & Angus Tang

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Join Kayla and her side-kick Angus, as they explore the simple things in life that make them happy. Not without some laughs along the way.

Episode 5 – Dentists

Why only have one new episode of Always Wrong in a week when you can have TWO? Sink your teeth into this episode about dentists, where we also discuss Tim Burton movies, the discography of Charles Mingus, and the reboot of Reboot.

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Episode 4 – Eggs

It’s time for your earholes to be graced with our most EGG-celent episode thus far. Join us as we talk about eggs on what we’re dubbing the unofficial breakfast episode of Always Wrong. We discuss Angus’ strange eating habits, the debate that ends friendships, and the infamous potato salad kickstarter.

To play on hard mode, take a shot of a raw egg every time an egg pun is made.

This episode may feature mature subject matter. You may opt to escort your mother person out of the room before enjoying this episode. Listener discretion is advised.

The Kickstarter to end all Kickstarters:…wn/potato-salad

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Episode 3 – Escape Rooms

Take a break from studying and ESCAPE with your new best friends, Kayla and Angus, on this episode about… you guessed it: Escape Rooms! We discuss our experiences playing escape rooms, who you should and shouldn’t take with you into a room, and what it’s like working at one. This episode also features conversations about nine cent instant noodles, common sense at gas stations, and getting Daniel Caesar to record an episode with us.



Episode 2 – Bees?

We heard that ya liked jazz so we decided to get down to BEESness and discussed all things bees. Join Kayla Ramiro and her sidekick, Angus Tang, as they delve deep into everyone’s favourite misguided insect and its representation in pop culture.

WARNING: this episode contains an unhealthy amount of bee puns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, honey.

Episode 1 – POCs in the Arts (w/ Argel Monte de Ramos)

On the very first episode of Always Wrong with Kayla Ramiro, we discuss what it’s like being a Person of Colour pursuing the arts as a career and being 1st generation Canadians, but not without a couple solid Filipino accents and jokes along the way. This episode features 1st year Musical Theatre student, Argel Monte de Ramos. Go see him in Guys and Dolls at the Waterfront Theatre in August!