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Logic: Not Found

It’s Capilano Radio’s very own game show!

Always Wrong

Kayla Ramiro and Angus Tang explore the simple things in life that make them happy.

Inside the Blues

Israel Lobo interviews the student athletes of CapU.

Welcome to Capilano Radio.

The Capilano Radio Club formed in 2017 to connect voices and people together, to bring awareness of the incredible initiatives and projects students create at Cap. Through the form of new media and internet radio, the club aspires to create a platform for new voices to be heard, and to bridge a community of students on and off campus.

We aim to give students a voice through the platform of new media, to showcase their opinions, talent and work. Capilano Radio has released several podcasts available on any mobile device through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Soundcloud.

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